At VisionFirst we are excited to offer iLASIK™– the ultimate in laser vision correction. We are committed to using the most advanced technology, customized treatments for your eyes. Our experienced surgeons are trained in the latest techniques and equipment. This personalized procedure is the culmination of everything we’ve learned about LASIK since it’s inception. Take your first step to clear vision by scheduling your routine eye exam and LASIK screening at VisionFirst Eye Center – where your vision comes first.

LASIK surgery in Birmingham can correct many vision problems

LASIK, which stands for – Laser In Situ Keratomileusis – is a surgical procedure to reduce nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism by reshaping tissue in the cornea (the clear covering of the front of the eye). LASIK is just one method of  refractive vision correction, and its long-term results have proven to be very stable. We are proud to be the premier providers of LASIK surgery for the Birmingham, Alabama area.

We are excited to offer iLASIK™ – the ultimate in laser vision correction

The technology used in the iLASIK™ procedure is safe and proven. Nearly 32 million LASIK procedures have been performed to date, making it the most common elective vision procedure in the United States.

iLASIK™’s Wavefront technology enables each treatment to be “designed” by the unique characteristics of the individual’s’ eyes. WaveScan technology produces a detailed map of the eye. Much like a fingerprint, no two are alike. After the blade-free Intralase method creates the corneal flap, this information is then translated into a set of CustomVue treatment instructions for the laser. WaveScan transfers these digital treatment instructions to the laser, providing a new level of precision and accuracy. CustomVue is a good choice for individuals who struggle to achieve the visual acuteness they need with contacts or glasses, or for people who tend to see “halos” around lights or have problems with glare.

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The difference between LASIK and iLASIK™

When it comes to vision correction, LASIK and iLASIK™ procedures are two of the most commonly performed. The main difference between the two is how the ‘flap’ is made. At VisionFirst, we provide iLASIK™ because we believe it is the safest and most effective method for laser vision correction. LASIK is a method of correcting refractive errors of the eye by using an excimer laser to re-shape the front surface of the patient’s cornea. When performing any type of LASIK, a corneal flap is created. With the standard LASIK procedure a microkeratome (hand-held) blade is used to cut and fashion this flap whereas with iLASIK™, the corneal flap is created with a second (femtosecond) laser.

The iLASIK™ procedure reduces sight-threatening complications seen with the microkeratome flap. The advantage of the iLASIK™ procedure is it replaces the manually created microkertome flap with a much safer and precise method. This flap creation utilizes the IntraLase technology.

How visual outcomes vary from iLASIK™ compared to traditional LASIK

Clinical studies confirmed that patients see better following iLASIK™ than with the handheld microkeratome blades. In addition to better vision, the iLASIK™ group with a laser created flap tend to have better outcomes with fewer complications including glare and halos at night. iLASIK™ patients complain less of post-operative dry eyes and a significantly reduced incidence of surgically induced astigmatism.

Check out our YouTube playlist to see the most recent patient LASIK journeys.  

Why custom iLASIK™?

At VisionFirst, we employ custom iLASIK™ treatment. Custom wavefront-guided surgery is designed to eliminate pre-existing aberrations in the eye and uses state of the art wavefront-guided technology. Less abberations and better vision are the hallmark of iLASIK™ and the reason we employ this technique at VisionFirst Eye Center.

iFS® AMO Laser

The iFS® Femtosecond Laser is the most advanced femtosecond intralase technology for corneal flap creation during LASIK surgery. At VisionFirst Eye Center, we are proud to provide this technology to our LASIK patients. The iFS® Advanced femtosecond Laser has amazing speed, accuracy, and is regarded as one of the best femtosecond lasers on the market.

In addition, the iFS® laser is able to make partial and full thickness corneal incisions at different depths and shapes, allowing our ophthalmologists to place corneal INTACS, inlays, and perform partial thickness corneal transplantation.

iDesign Advanced CustomVue LASIK System

VisionFirst is happy to announce the addition of the iDesign wavefront analyzer from AMO-VISX to our LASIK practice. We are the first in Birmingham to offer this high-definition, advanced technology to our LASIK patients. iDesign measures the internal optics and surface of the eye more precisely than conventional methods. This precision allows iDesign to create a unique “blueprint” and personalized treatment plan for each eye.

This technology is so advanced it is being used by NASA to shape the mirrors of the James Webb or Next Generation Space Telescope, which will transmit high resolution images of deep space to Earth beginning in 2018.

What does the iDesign system offer you?
  • Creation of a precise, customized, individualized 3D map or your entire eye and any visual imperfections.
  • A device that captures over 1250 data points, and is 25 times more accurate than the conventional technology used to write a glasses or contact lens prescription.
  • A laser that precisely aligns your treatment and gently reshapes your cornea to minimize both higher and lower order aberrations using proprietary technology.
  • Achievement of clearer vision without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses.
Consider this, 6 months after surgery:
  • 99% of nearsighted patients reported no limitation in outdoor or active activities
  • 97% of patients were satisfied with their vision
  • 94% of patients could see 20/20 or better without glasses or contact lenses
  • 93% of patients reported little to no difficulty with night driving


We’re pleased to offer financing through CareCredit. Financing can let you begin your procedure immediately-then pay for it over time with convenient monthly payments, up to 24 months 0% APR.

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