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Pediatric Myopia Control

Are you concerned that your child is getting more and more nearsighted every year?  Are you really nearsighted and don’t want that for your child? There are now special contact lenses or prescription eye drops that have been shown to slow the progression of myopia considerably!* High myopia increases your risk of retinal detachments or tears, glaucoma and other retinal problems.   Pediatric Myopia Control FAQ What is myopia? Nearsightedness, or myopia, is a common refractive error of the eye.  […]

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Cataract Surgery: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

This holiday season, you will probably spend a lot of time thinking about what gifts to buy for friends and family. But what about giving yourself the gift of better vision? If you have been living with cataracts for a while it may be time to consider the life-changing benefits of cataract surgery. Cataracts cause the lens of your eye to become cloudy, making your vision seem blurred. Over time, cataracts will continue to worsen and your quality of life […]

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The Benefits of Modern Cataract Surgery

A cataract forms when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and vision is impaired. Cataracts are often a result of aging and may start in your forties and fifties.  They usually begin to affect your vision over the age of 60. In the beginning, cataracts can develop so slowly that vision changes may be very subtle. However, as cataracts continue to progress, over time they will cause permanent vision loss.  At some point, cataract surgery will become your best […]

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4 Ways to Have a Safe and Fun Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday for people of all ages. Your kids may be the most excited to dress up and eat candy but adults can join in on the fun too. And regardless of your age, there are certain Halloween precautions everyone should take. Did you know that every year there are hundreds of eye injuries related to Halloween costumes? Here are four Halloween safety tips: 1. Avoid costumes that impair your vision Masks can be a fun way […]

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What Happens During My Annual Eye Exam?

What Happens during my Annual Eye Exam? Most people already know about the importance of preventive vision care. The best way to take care of vision problems is to keep them from happening in the first place. But sadly, most people will skip their yearly comprehensive eye exams. There are a number of reasons why this happens. Many people believe that if there is a problem, they would notice it. Sometimes people don’t have insurance so they don’t think they […]

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“I’m Afraid of LASIK” — Your Fears Debunked

When it comes to LASIK, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. There is always that one nervous relative who has a friend, who has a cousin, who knows someone that had a terrible experience during their LASIK procedure. Fortunately, LASIK has become very commonplace in the last ten years or so as people increasingly realize how life-changing it can be. But these fears will always persist in some small way so this article will attempt to debunk […]

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Safety Information about The Solar Eclipse

  VisionFirst Eye Center 3240 Edwards Lake Parkway Suite 100 Birmingham, AL 35235 CONTACT: Mandy McDaniel PR & Marketing Manager (205) 949-1406 For immediate release: VisionFirst Eye Center like many others was led to believe that our glasses were ISO approved. However, our distributor released a statement this weekend stating that because they did not do their own independent testing, they are recommending that customers not view the eclipse with these glasses. In turn, out of good conscience, we […]

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lasik surgery birmingham

LASIK Questions and Answers from a Refractive Surgeon

Have questions about LASIK surgery? Get the answers straight from one of our Cornea and Refractive-Trained Ophthalmologists, Dr. Carolyn Hebson, M.D. WHAT IS REFRACTIVE SURGERY? Refractive surgery is surgery used for the treatment of myopia (nearsighted), hyperopia (farsighted), and astigmatism. The purpose of refractive surgery is to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses for clear vision. LASIK and PRK are different types of refractive procedures. WHAT IS LASIK? LASIK (Laser in situ keratomileusis) is the most […]

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sunglasses vision protection

Beyond the Cool: How Sunglasses Protect Your Vision

  You already know that UV rays are bad for your skin. But did you know that they are harmful to your eyes as well? UV rays can damage your eyes and put you at elevated risk for developing macular degeneration, cataracts, and even cancer. And UV damage is cumulative so it is even more important to protect children’s eyes early in life. July is UV safety month so we decided to talk about sunglasses and why they are so […]

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5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from a Pterygium

Protecting yourself from developing a pterygium is probably not something you spend a lot of time thinking about. In fact, if you are like most people, you may have read the title of this blog and wondered, “what the heck is a pterygium?” If you have trouble with this word (hint: turr-idge-ee-um!) then you can try remembering it by its nickname: surfer’s eye. What is a Pterygium? A pterygium is a condition that affects individuals who are exposed to sunlight […]

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cataract surgery birmingham

The Ins and Outs of Cataract Surgery

Is your vision getting cloudy? Are you having trouble seeing at night because of glare? Are you needing more light for reading? You may be developing cataracts. A cataract develops when the lens in the eye become cloudy, making eyesight blurry and distorted. By the age of 80, more than half of all Americans have developed cataracts or have undergone cataract surgery. Not all patients with cataracts need surgery. Some people will be able to manage their cataracts with prescription […]

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lasik trussville

10 Reasons to get LASIK surgery

As technology continues to advance, more and more people are starting to consider LASIK, and perhaps you are one of them! If you are considering LASIK surgery but aren’t sure if it is worth it, you aren’t alone. Many people put off LASIK surgery for years due to a variety of fears and uncertainties. Let’s set those fears aside and talk about what you have to gain from undergoing LASIK surgery with VisionFirst Eye Center. Not only are you free […]

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Dr. Clark Cleghern on ‘Ask the Doc’ – FOX 6

If you missed Dr. Sarah Clark Cleghern appear on ‘Ask the Doc’ on FOX 6 earlier this week, catch up here to listen to Q & A about seasonal allergies, pediatric eye exams and macular degeneration. Dr. Sarah Clark Cleghern is one of our Optometrist at our Pell City & Trussville location. Call to schedule with Dr. Cleghern at 205.949.2020. WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, AL

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What is Age-Related Macular Degeneration?

What is Age-Related Macular Degeneration? Age-Related Macular Degeneration, also known as AMD, is a common eye condition and a leading cause of vision loss among people age 50 and older. It causes damage to the macula, a small spot near the center of the retina and the part of the eye needed for sharp, central vision, which lets us see objects that are straight ahead. In some people, age-related macular degeneration advances so slowly that vision loss does not occur for a long time. In […]

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Myopia Control

Pediatric Myopia Control

Are you concerned that your child is getting more and more nearsighted every year? Are you really nearsighted and don’t want that for your child? There are now special contact lenses that have been shown to slow the progression of myopia considerably!* High myopia increases your risk of retinal detachments, tears, glaucoma and other retinal problems.   Pediatric Myopia Control – FAQ 1. What is myopia? Nearsightedness, or myopia, is a common refractive error of the eye. Most myopia occurs […]

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LASIK unchained

VisionFirst 15th Anniversary – 15% OFF LASIK

Happy 15th Anniversary to VisionFirst 15% OFF LASIK for 15 Years with VisionFirst Are you tired of the love / hate relationship with your glasses or contact lenses? It’s time to break that chain by having iLASIK. There’s no better time than now since we are offering 15% OFF LASIK to celebrate VisionFirst being in business for 15 years. VisionFirst started out in 1997 with one location in Trussville, but over the years we have expanded to Alabaster, Homewood and […]

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Prevention Starts with Awareness: Glaucoma Awareness Month

  January is Glaucoma Awareness Month, and at Vision First, we want to keep our patients (and non-patients!) informed of this dangerously quiet disease. It is estimated that 60 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with or are living with glaucoma, with that number expected to rise in 2017. Because the signs of glaucoma are hard to detect, around half of those who suffer from the disease are unaware they even have it. Though there is no known cure for […]

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Reading Glasses Solution

No More Reading Glasses?

Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay Vision First is proud to be the only practice in Birmingham to offer the Raindrop® near vision inlay to our presbyopia patients. What is Presbyopia? Presbyopia or loss of reading vision inevitably occurs with aging as the lens loses its mobility. As we age, near activities such as sewing, reading, or looking at a mobile device often become more difficult without the use of reading glasses. Many people find themselves holding objects at arms length to […]

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iDesign LASIK

Introducing the iDesign to LASIK Patients

iDesign – Customized Treatment Plan Vision First is happy to announce the addition of the iDesign® wavefront analyzer from AMO-VISX to our practice.  We are proud to be the first in Birmingham to offer this high-definition, advanced technology to our patients.  iDesign measures the internal optics and surface of the eye more precisely than conventional methods.  This precision allows iDesign to create a unique “blueprint” and personalized treatment plan for each eye. This technology is so advanced it is being used […]

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Halloween is a real treat!

  Are You Nearsighted, Farsighted, or Astigmatic? Think how much easier and more fun it would be to do whatever you love to do without the hassles of glasses and contacts. Whether you have nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, there’s a good chance you’re a candidate for the iLASIK Procedure. Call us today to learn more about the vision correcting procedure many people have treated their eyes to—the iLASIK Procedure. 

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Two Popular Lifestyle Bloggers on Their LASIK Experience

Lifestyle bloggers now dominate the internet and hold enormous sway over consumers. It is why companies and brands have quickly partnered with suitable influencers who can try their products and share them with their loyal followers. But people look to lifestyle bloggers for more than just fashion advice. They look to them for lifestyle advice, funny anecdotes about how to raise their kids, and personal tidbits that they can relate to their own lives. One topic that a few lifestyle […]

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Preventative Eye Care is the Best Eye Care!

A large part of proper eye care and pediatric eye care is taking preventative measures. Curing a disease or injury may seem like the more impressive side of medicine, but in actuality the kind of preventative care you can take is the best kind of eye care there is. Being mindful of how you treat your eyes in your day-to-day life and making the time to let a professional examine your eyes regularly are vital strategies for protecting your vision, […]

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Fall Into LASIK This October!

Fall Into LASIK…. As the leaves fall and the weather cools off, people are updating their autumn wardrobe. What better way to fall into a new look than to be out of glasses! It’s time to declutter and throw away your glasses and contact lenses this season. For the month of October only, you will receive LASIK for $1,500 per eye instead of our $2,100 per eye. Call our surgery coordinator, Jessica now to schedule your FREE LASIK screening with Dr. Carolyn […]

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It’s the end of summer and everyone is getting ready for football season. Stop by our Trussville optical to take advantage of 50% OFF sunglasses to complete your fall wardrobe! *Sale only at our Trussville optical. Cannot be combined with insurance. Ends September 30, 2016.

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Protective Eyewear A Large Part of Proper Pediatric Eye Care

  Oftentimes, conversations about pediatric eye care revolve around eye exams, vision tests, and glasses. But an often forgotten area is safety measures and protective eyewear. Children participate in a wide range of activities whether it be organized sports or informal play, and knowing how to best protect one of their most valued organs – their eyes – is essential. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, wearing proper protective eyewear can prevent 90 percent of all eye injuries. In […]

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Don’t Forget Your Child’s Back To School Eye Exam!

  Though it seems as if school just got out, you are probably planning for the start of the new academic year. As you cast a discerning eye around your home to seek out salvageable supplies, don’t forget another important back-to-school must: an eye exam. Annual eye exams are a vital part of pediatric eye care. Poor vision will have a negative impact on your child’s success in school and overall happiness. Taking the time to schedule an eye exam […]

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5 Things Parents Should Know About UV Protection and Pediatric Eye Care

  Summertime brings beach trips and barbecues. With all that additional leisure time comes added responsibility, especially if you have little ones. Whenever children spend an extended period of time outside, it is important to balance fun in the sun with preparation against the sun’s powerful effects. Most parents are on top of the essentials – keep your kids hydrated and slather them in sunscreen – but many are unaware of the importance of UV protection in pediatric eye care. […]

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Astigmatism eye v. healthy eye

I’ve Got Astigmatism, Can I Get LASIK?

I’ve Got Astigmatism, Can I Get LASIK? (Spoiler alert: yes) For those of you impatient types who like to skip to the end of an article before reading the beginning, we’ve taken the liberty of answering your most pressing question up front [SPOILERS AHEAD]: Yes, for those of you with mild to moderate astigmatism, LASIK can probably help. With that out of the way, here’s a bit more information. What is astigmatism and why is it so hard to spell? […]

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fathers day sunglass sale.1

Father’s Day – 20% OFF Sunglasses

  Need help with ideas for your father’s day gift this year? Look no further…VisionFirst is offering 20% OFF sunglasses at all four locations – Alabaster, Homewood, Pell City and Trussville. Shop our collection of Maui Jims, Costa Del Mar, RayBan and more. Dads, don’t wait for the perfect gift…come pick out your favorite sunglasses yourself! Offer cannot be combined with insurance.

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What Is The Difference Between Standard Cataract Surgery and Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery?

Most folks are terrified of any surgery related to the eye, but modern medicine has become so advanced that cataract surgery is a largely routine procedure. In fact, a patient can have Dr. Mark Bearman or Dr. Sarah Hays remove their cataracts and be out that same day at a surgery center in Alabaster or Birmingham. Both laser-assisted cataract surgery and standard cataract surgery involve three main steps: An incision in the cornea Phacoemulsification Insertion of the new lens Before we work […]

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LASIK Giving Back to Children

VisionFirst Chooses Sight Savers America as its Charity Partner   VisionFirst Eye Center is proud to announce that Sight Savers America, a Birmingham-based nonprofit organization, will be their charity partner again for 2016. This year VisionFirst will donate $50 to Sight Savers America for every LASIK surgery that is performed throughout 2016.  Additionally, the four VisionFirst locations will also be collecting donations from patients and staff members who wish to contribute to this effort throughout the year. The donations received […]

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We offer our patients top-of-the-line eye care

Nearly three million Americans currently report suffering from vision impairment. According to experts, many more may have eye diseases and may not be aware of it. In the age range of 40 or older, 2.7 million Americans have glaucoma and 24.5 million Americans have cataracts. Cataracts affect 68% of those who are 80 or older. With regular eye exams, however, these can be uncovered, and in many cases, stopped or corrected before they cause serious amounts of damage. Dr. Mark […]

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Why iLASIK is better than Traditional LASIK Eye Surgery

Thinking about laser eye surgery, but not sure which one is best for your vision correction? You have options – and some are better than others! By far the most well known refractive surgery is LASIK, a treatment that starts with the creation of a thin flap in the cornea. During a LASIK treatment, a surgeon uses a blade or a laser to reshape the cornea, the clear front part of the eye. The creation of the corneal flap allows […]

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LASIK Holiday Special 2015

LASIK Holiday Special!

Treat yourself or a loved one to improved vision with LASIK this holiday season! We are offering $800 OFF LASIK ($400 per eye) with Dr. Sarah Hays. Call 205.949.2020 to schedule your FREE LASIK screening today as this promotion ends January 28, 2016. Don’t forget to use your Health Savings Account before the end of the year! This promotion can not be combined with insurance or other promotions.    

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Sarah E. Clark, OD

Welcome Dr. Sarah Clark

We are excited to introduce Dr. Sarah Clark to our team of doctors. Dr. Clark started practicing at our Pell City and Trussville locations in August 2015. Dr. Clark graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry and specializes in the diagnosis and management of complex eye diseases as well as the pre-and post-operative management of a variety of surgical procedures. As part of her training, she completed rotations in Birmingham, Nashville, and Atlanta, in areas including comprehensive optometry, glaucoma, retina, pediatrics, cornea/cataracts, specialty contact […]

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McClintock & Sightsavers 2015

VisionFirst HomeRun Promotion helping Kids See

We were excited to be able to partner with Birmingham Barons again this year to raise $5,000 for SightSavers America. During the 2015 Barons season, we raised donations from our generous patients and staff in addition to our home-run promotion; which we donated $100 to Sight Savers America for the 35 Barons home run at Regions Field. Sight Savers America is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive eye care and services at no charge for under served children in Alabama. The donations received by Sight Savers America was used […]

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One of the most common complaints to the eye doctor is “my eyes burn, sting and tear”. My question to this patient is “do they feel gritty and sandy”? My first thought is to look for blepharitis. Blepharitis is a longstanding problem caused from an infection of the oil glands and lash follicles that line the lid margin. The lid margin has oil glands that secrete oil to lubricate, making eyes feel moist. If the eyes become dry, they will […]

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During the 2014 season, Barons fans will have the chance to win $100,000 thanks to VisionFirst Eye Center. If a Barons player hits the VisionFirst eyeball target located on the scoreboard, one lucky fan attending the game will take home the grand prize if their name is chosen. Fans will submit entries at Regions Field with an opportunity to donate to Sight Savers America as part of the VisionFirst promotion. VisionFirst will donate $100 to Sight Savers America for every […]

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Now that school is underway, we want remind reminder both parents and teachers that good vision is imperative. A good education for children means good schools, good teachers and good vision. Your child’s eyes are constantly in use in the classroom and at play. When your child’s vision is not functioning properly, learning and participation in recreational activities will suffer. Our challenge is that your child is not likely to recognize the vision problem or report it. Basic vision skills […]

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Dry eyes are a common problem for many individuals particularly during the winter months when exposure to dry air and whipping wind is increased. However, if you are suffering from dry eyes that just won’t go away, you may have what is known as Dry Eye Syndrome – a condition in which the tears that lubricate and nourish the eye are not being produced sufficiently. Tears serve to keep the surface of the eye moist, smooth and clear, to reduce […]

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