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Top 4 Foods for Healthy Eyes

Are you getting all of the nutrients your body needs for optimal eye health? Making sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrition to keep yourself healthy can be difficult, and many people don’t take into consideration what their eyes might need, too. While eating a healthy diet cannot cure eye disease, making a habit… Read More

Pediatric Myopia Control

Are you concerned that your child is getting more and more nearsighted every year?  Are you really nearsighted and don’t want that for your child? There are now special contact lenses or prescription eye drops that have been shown to slow the progression of myopia considerably!* High myopia increases your risk of retinal detachments or… Read More

4 Ways to Have a Safe and Fun Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday for people of all ages. Your kids may be the most excited to dress up and eat candy but adults can join in on the fun too. And regardless of your age, there are certain Halloween precautions everyone should take. Did you know that every year there are hundreds of… Read More

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Dr Bearman and his staff are so nice and professional. They have calmed me and made me feel ready for my cataract surgery. The whole staff goes out of the way to make you feel important.

Rita W. 

Dr. Doss is an amazing eye doctor. My daughter who is 4 years old saw her and she was the most caring, sensitive doctor she has seen in a while. Dr. Doss is a must a see doctor!

Nikole P.